Washing and Caring for your Bath Toys

All of the toys we select for our boxes are designed to be mold-free in that they are either sealed/have no holes and don’t retain water and grow mold on the inside, or come apart for easy cleaning and drying.

Even though they’re sealed or easily cleaned, it is still a good idea to always dry toys after use because if water sits on the toy, it could lead to mildew, mold, etc. Do not store bath toys and activities in humid places. If left on the side of a bath tub or on tile that may be slightly wet or moist, the toys will start to mold (like any natural products).

Air drying between use is recommended.

For regular cleaning, or if some spotting occurs, we recommend scrubbing the toys with soap and water (try a cloth or old toothbrush) or a solution of white vinegar and water.