Tips for Picking Out Bath Toys

Babies/infants (up to 12 months) 

Babies and infants put everything in their mouths, so at this stage it’s especially important to know what the bath toys you give your child are made of. Be sure to select toys that are BPA-free and made from natural, non-toxic materials such as natural rubber. At around the one-year mark children become curious – exploring and examining everything. This is certainly true at bath time, as they will squeeze or bite toys as part of their play. Avoid squirt toys and opt instead for bath toys that are hermetically sealed (no holes = no mold). Squirt toys retain water and are notorious for growing nasty mold, and that’s the last thing you want to see coming out of a toy in your child’s mouth or floating in their bath water. Toys with large openings or those that come apart are also good options as they can be easily drained, cleaned, and dried.


Toddlers (1 year old)

Bath time offers a great opportunity to explore, create, learn and build important skills for life such as fine motor and problem solving skills. Whether it's a toy that comes apart and screws back together, cups with holes for sifting and sprinkling, or pouring and transferring water back and forth, try to look for purposefully designed products with a child's concentration and critical thinking skills in mind.


Toddlers (2 years old) 

Sensory water play is great for the brain development taking place in toddlers – from building motor skills and nerve connections in the brain to language development. At this stage, lean into toys designed with sensory play in mind. Bath stickers that allow for play along the side of the tub or foaming bubble bath powder that can be scooped and mixed by your child to turn the water bright colors are just a couple of fun options that are great for sensory play. 


Toddlers (3 years old) 

Bath time provides the perfect space for a child’s imagination to work, and that’s exactly what a three-year-old needs. Imaginative play has been proven to help boost children’s emotional, creative, linguistic and cognitive development. This is a great time to introduce fun items like bath crayons that allow them to flex their creative muscle. Let them draw and doodle in the tub and feel good about the fact that imaginative play is providing important stimulation at this key developmental milestone.