Keep those bath toys squeaky clean and long-lasting with regular washing!

For today’s Tub Tip, we’re getting those toys squeaky clean! 🧼
Regularly washing your bath toys can not only ensure they are clean and safe, it will also help them last longer and prevent mildew buildup.

Here are a few tips:

🧼 For regular cleaning, fill your sink with warm, soapy water (we recommend a clean, natural soap) and toss in the toys

💦 For toys that come apart, open them up and submerge the pieces

🧽 Scrub each toy with a brush or wash cloth - brushes work especially well for toys with cracks, crevasses, or texture

💨 Once clean, lay out each toy and allow them to fully air dry

⭐️BONUS Tip: Get your little one involved and ask them to help with the cleaning!