How to Store and Organize ALL the Bath Time Fun

I’ve had a few friends ask how we store our Bubbles & Joy subscription boxes so here are some helpful tips!

✨We keep 1-2 themed boxes out at a time. After bath, we store them in the mesh hanging bath organizer to completely dry over night before putting them away. 

Once everything is completely dry
✨glopals go in a small acrylic storage box (we use them during every bath so I just did one bin for those)
✨bath bombs and droplets get stacked
✨bubble whoosh is stored upright and easy to see
✨bubbles/body wash are also easy to see and pick a color for bath time!
✨in the plastic bins I store 2-3 boxes by theme so all we have to do is add water then it’s time for the bath time party!

Check out the video!

-Jessie Kozack