Safety Tips for Outdoor Water Play

With the return of the sunshine and summer weather comes all the outdoor water play! ☀️💧💦And if your kiddos love water, they’ll make a beeline straight for the action. So, a quick refresher on water safety reminders to start off your summer!

1. Designate a water guardian- Assign an adult to be the water guardian to watch the kids in and around the water. If everyone is watching no one is actually watching.

2. Pour out or drain any containers, pools, or water play tables when done. A small amount of water can still be a drowning danger unsupervised.

3. Teach Kids to Ask for Permission - Whether playing with a water table or getting in a kiddie pool, it's important to establish the importance of asking permission before going near the water. Teaching them early on to ask permission will help teach the routine that safety comes first and then when you are on the same page, they can get to splashing.

4. Buddy System - Make sure your kids know that they should always have a friend or sibling with with them by the water so they can look out for each other. That way, if something goes wrong, there is someone there who can help them or go get help.

With these tips you can get safely splashing! 💦💧