What is Bubbles and Joy?

For our first post, we thought a simple introduction would be the best place to start. So, with that in mind - “Hi, we’re Bubbles & Joy.” We’re a family-owned and operated business founded on the simple idea that bath time should be fun for kids, not a struggle, and with the right toys and products, kids will love their time in the tub. We also value safe products and believe in supporting brands committed to creating toys and products with all natural and/or BPA-free ingredients and materials.

This simple idea and commitment to quality was the impetus for Bubbles & Joy - a monthly subscription box full of premium bath toys, products and activities. Each month, we hand pick the best premium bath toys and products on the market and delivers them to you in one convenient package that is sure to bring fun and anticipation back to your tub. From unique toys and activities to colorful and aromatic bath bombs and bubble baths, our boxes are well-balanced and always a surprise.

It’s an honor to work with incredible brands from around the world whose values and commitment to quality align with ours. It’s especially an honor bring those brands and products to your doorstep and into your home each month.

Let’s take back bath time together and get this party started! Welcome to Bubbles & Joy, we’re glad you’re here.