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Our Brand Philosophies

As a bath time subscription company for kids, we at Bubbles & Joy have four stand out brand philosophies that define what we do as a company.  Premium- We do the research and vetting to bring you the best-in-bath brands, products, and toys. Safe- From hermetically sealed toys to easy-to-clean products, we work to ensure the items in our boxes are clean and hygienic.  Natural- We work with brands whose natural products are free of harsh and harmful chemicals Fun- Our expert team of tiny product testers out the items in our boxes through their paces to ensure a bath time experience that delivers maximum fun. 

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Tuesday's Tub Tip

On today's Bubbles & Joy Tuesday Tub Tip we are going to give away our best kept secret for how to beat bath time struggles...music Setup a smartphone and/or wireless speaker in the bathroom (safely outside the splash zone). Turn on some fun and playful music and let the good times roll.  Now go get your bath time party started! It just so happens that we have a playlist for that. Check out our monthly Bubbles & Joy Jams playlist on Spotify! 

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